List of Works

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The first page of the "Lyra" Sway for orchestra, score

Orchestral Music 

“Lyra Sway” for Orchestra, (2006)
I. Lento, espressivo
II. Allegro, passionate
III. Lento-allegro
IV. Presto

The Elements:, (2005)
I. Earth
II. Wind
III. Water
IV. Fire
V. Space

“Carol of the Bells” arranged for orchestra, (2005)
(Based on an Ukrainian Theme) 

“Charting the Heavens” for Orchestra, (2004)
I. Grave-Allegro 

The Cyclic Variations, (2003)
I. Aphelion
II. Perihelion  

Chamber Music

Trio for Cello, Flute and Piano, (2006)

String Quartet Nr. 2, (2005)
I. Presto 

Six Short Woodwind Quintet Pieces, (2004)

String Quartet Nr. 1, (2003)
I. Adagio-Allegro
II. Presto

Six Variations on a Korcarian Theme, (2003)
For Piano, violin, clarinet 

“Ngado Qe Te Shkoj,” (2002)
for piano and flute 

Quintet for Five Percussive Instruments, (2001)

Symphonic Winds

Excerpt Nr. 1, (2005)

Concert Band

Galaxy Phantastique, (2004)
Allegro passionate    

Solo Pieces

Solo Viola, (2006)
(Dedicated to and commissioned by Phil Kramp)  

(Dedicated to Alisha Verner) for solo cello 

Three Piano Pieces, (2006)
I. Allegro
II. Moderato
III. Presto 

Ligetiana, (2005)
For piano 

Orchestra Instrument Solos, (2004)
Excerpt 1
for solo flute
Excerpt 2
for solo oboe
Excerpt 3
for solo clarinet B-b
Excerpt 4
for solo bassoon
Excerpt 5
for solo horn-F
Excerpt 6
for solo trumpet-Bb
Excerpt 7
for solo trombone
Excerpt 8
for solo tuba
Excerpt 9
for solo timpani
Excerpt 10
for solo violin
Excerpt 11
for solo viola
Excerpt 12
for solo cello
Excerpt 13
for solo contrabass 

Three Piano Pieces, (2004)
I. Toske
II. Ghege
III. Malesore

Balkan Folk-Dance Rhythm, (2004)
for Piano 

Modal Counterpoint, (2002)
Prelude and Fugue for piano 

Prelude in C, (2001)
for Piano

Prelude in D minor, (2001)
for Piano 

“Mikrokosmos” 115.5. (2000)
for Piano

Vocal Music 

The Mass of the Day, (2002)
for SAB, acapella 

The controversial convers…!!!
Narration for Male Voice, and Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Violin 

“Hyjnesha,” text by Qamil Aliu, (1995)
for Tenor and Piano    

Electronic Music

Equinox, (2004)
DP & Laptop Computer 

The Nanosaur, (2004)
(Music for the video game) 

“Venturi” by Darryl Coan and Afrim Shabani, (2004)
For three DP Mac Computers